Saturday, May 18, 2019

my life has been feeling like a dark highway for a while. its like, i want to live and go onto the next journey, but i dont know what i am doing with myself because i cant see anything. there is no light. i dont know where to go. i dont want to make a wrong turn and end up in an even shittier situation. i dont know how to proceed with myself under these conditions. i wish my hi beams worked, i have no motivation or sense of direction. im feeling pretty lost and i cant seem to find my way through this highway of life.

i deleted a lot of myself from the www, except this thing. i haven't been into the drums either. thought of how much money i could get for them if i sold them.

Friday, April 12, 2019

a project i have been working on

Personal data is always generated and stored somewhere, either on your devices, your external hard drive, a flash drive, or even a memory card that you have stored in a camera. This data can also be stored in the cloud so you can access it anywhere. These days, everyone uses their cell phone to take a picture. This picture is then stored on the phone and if you have enabled it, in the cloud as well. But what if one day, the cloud is unreachable, or if your account has been hijacked, or even if the cloud provider decides to stop operations?

A couple weeks ago, I decided to do a backup of all of my personal data. Locally, this is not an issue. But because Google Photos automatically backs up each picture taken to Google drive, I have to manually download every file in that folder and save those to my NAS. I ended up downloading about 27 zip files containing 55 GB of photos and videos for the past two years. The problem is is that extracting each of the zip files is time consuming, as I then have to move all the pictures to my NAS manually. I wondered if there was a better way to automate the process of downloading all of my Google photos to a hard drive. 

I came up with this idea to use an old raspberry pi board with a connected hard drive and use that as a NAS. I also installed rclone so it downloads any new photos that were uploaded from my phone.

I ended up soldering the USB to SATA bridge directly to the Pi to avoid any plugs sticking out, and to avoid anyone unplugging the drive. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

mcdonalds worker makes me anxious

for reyannes birthday she wanted McDonald's for supper. i went over there and started placing my order on the kiosk. mid order, a worker approached me and told me to use another kiosk as the one I was using doesn't work sometimes (the kiosk had no indication or signage letting customers know not to use). i said no problem and moved over to another one. start placing my order and within 5minutes she approached me again and started asking me if I was taking my order out or dining in, and if I was dining in, to take a order tracker. she then started explaining the machine to me but I kindly interrupted her and explained that I am familiar with how the machine works and how to use it, etc, and that I am getting it to go. I smiled at her but in my head I was extremely frustrated and anxious. i continued to place the order. within 3 minutes the worker comes back and starts explaining to me how the pay function works.

i then lost it. i stopped my order and turned my body towards her and told her that she needs to back away from me. she is giving me major anxiety. i explained to her that i did not want her unwanted help or attention. i explained to her that I know how to use the kiosk, and that I used it many times previously, yet still thought she had to butt in. i had a large order to put in so I was at the kiosk for about 10-15 minutes. i had a small freakout with my hands at chest level. after this i asked again to walk away because her approaching me wasn't making any situation better for me. i felt foolish, embarrassed and dying inside. i think another customer at the kiosk thought i was unstable and walked around me. then he took his phone out, so i could only imagine what he may of told someone about my panic attack.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

maybe I have bladder cancer or something

in august I went to deer lake for work. had to take a piss. bowl turned red both times.

was fine after, no issues. until a  few weeks later i didn't feel right down there. have seen a doc a couple times as he thought it was a bladder infextion as these new symptoms match that.

tried the meds he gave me, felt good after the third time. 

kinda feels like it's coming back so i went for an ultrasound, they say i might have passed a kidney stone. started getting pains on my right side. doc refers me to vasectomey guy.

today, vasectomey guy wants me to do more urine work/tests, a full CT scan, and a scope. fortunately for me i took a video of myself when it happened in august. is concerned why i pissed blood and felt no pain. says that part is worrying him and wants to make sure that nothing was missed.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


puzzles. never really cared for them until recently when trying to find things to alleviate boredom. started with zelda themed puzzles because i like the maps. i found a couple more map-like puzzles and plan on completing them at night time. i also plan on gluing them to hang up on walls.