Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new eee pc skin/desktop

got this custom skin ordered from turned out pretty good. its a little short (by about an inch) but when you look at it you cant really notice...the camera picks it up though.

and here is a recent desktop shot

Sunday, November 8, 2009

d.e.a.d. at the hunger cabaret v4

meanwhile, come next month or 2, ill have myself a small practice drum kit to screw around with in my apartment, so that will be the next thing for me to pursue.

saved my eee

this morning, i screwed around with the partition table and fucked myself out of my computer. i tried adding an EFI partition, then deleted it. after restarting the eee, i got a BSoD. i was planning a reformat anyways so i tried to go to work to grab the cd drive from my locker. turns out work doesnt like my keycard on sundays (i guess no clients work that day).

so the next thing i thought of was to put the SSD from the eee into my lacie external enclosure. that was a fail. then i remembered a tool called BartPE, which is handy for recovering data, fixing an install, etc. i also had to download w2k3 sp1 (as there were 2 files that were required). i then used a tool called pe2usb to convert the BartPE files to a bootable usb. plugged my external drive and the newly created usb boot stick and turned on the eee: voila, i was backing my up shit in minutes.

i decided not to give up and see if i could at least fix the problem. with the help of DISKPART, i was able to restore the parition table and MBR and was able to load back into windows 7. rule of thumb: dont fuck with partitions unless you know what you were doing. i was able to create the partition afterwards, but should something ever fuck up like this, use DISKPART. or if you are lazy, ghost your shit and restore that way.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

eee pc desktop

Sunday, October 11, 2009

windows 7

well, no more waiting until october 22nd for me; i now have a legit, activated and working copy of windows 7 home premium. thanks technet! with Google Apps

well, i have decided to integrate email services with Google Apps Standard Edition. the major benefit (for me at least) is that i am no longer required to only check my e-mail through an email client such as microsoft outlook, as i can now either go that route or use a browser to check it. because of this, i have ditched for exchange services. so, anyone who ever reads this shit and has my address, you can delete it.

for whatever it's worth, anyone who wants an email inbox (with contacts/calendar support as well), just hit me up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

G.Skill 64GB MLC SSD SATA2 w/ Indilinx Controller 64MB Buffer

picked this up for the eee pc. read is 230MB/sec, write is 135MB/sec. pretty fast. only $248 which is not bad. sucks that it is MLC based flash chips but oh well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

new project? eee HTPC?

when i first seen the eee pc 701, i became immediatly obsessed with it. i couldnt wait to get it because of all of the potential it has, especially when it comes to mods. when i had this model, i ordered a touchscreen panel for it, but sadly did not get the mod completed. i still have the screen/hub/touch controller, but i think it may need to be repaired or rewired, thus eliminating the usb hub and have the touch controller go straight into the motherboard. regardless, i sold the 701 to a friend and used that money to purchase the eee pc 900ha model (see a few posts down for specs).

these days i am getting bored with it. i do have plans on upgrading the stock 160GB hard drive to a more faster 32gb SSD (the intel x25-e SLC type SSD; $625 after shipping) but that is not for a while. i have been comtemplating the idea of purchasing an eee box b206 to use as a home-theater PC but im tight for cash.

recently, a find on the internet indicates that someone is selling their eee pc 701. i really miss the speed this unit had with it's SSD (my XP pro boot was 21secs to desktop - impressive). with a nice fan, the eee pc can be cool at all times and can be used for long periods of time without getting super hot. either a) use as HTPC or b) install the touchscreen, install internal hub with bluetooth, internal storage, etc). both projects sound like fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


new toy i have been eying out: the UMID M1 MID.

Processor: Intel Atom (Silverthorne)
Clock speed: 1.1-1.33GHz RAM: 512MB/1GB
Display: 4.8' 1024x600, touch-enabled
Storage options: 8GB/16GB/32GB SSD
Connectivity: 802.11g Wireless, Bluetooth 2.0, 3G/HSDPA/EDGE
Weight: 315g
1 Mini-USB port
1 Micro-SD slot
1.3mp camera

looks pretty impressive. mostly complete keyboard, but fairly expensive for non-3g model ($899 i think). you can pre-order at the thing that disappoints me about this unit is that the headphone jack is propritary and you need an adapter to make use of this rather than plugging the headphones directory into the unit.

Friday, February 6, 2009


go to this show. come see D.E.A.D. play some new tunes as well as the old the poster suggests, $12 all ages...poster was made by spencer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

eee pc t91 tablet convertible

this netbook debuted at CES 2009, its about time ASUS listened to the people who buy their products. introducing the eee pc t91 tablet convertible netbook. this netbook weighs only 2 pounds and is about 1 inch thick. it will come in 8.9' and 10.2' sizes and sports an intel atom Z520 processor, as well as options for a gps system, fm transmitter and a tv tuner. definetly will have to save up for this one and sell the 900ha to get this.

eee pc 900ha

just ordered this bad boy 20 mins ago. i have the 701 model but its time for an upgrade. specs below, with items marked in bold as upgrades/changes in comparison to the 701:

- intel atom n270 1.60 ghz
- 1gb ram
- 160gb hard disk
- 8.9' LCD panel supporting 1024x600 resolution
- intel GMA 945GSE
- 0.3mp camera
- 10/100mbps ethernet
- 802.11g 54mbps b/g wireless
- 3 USB ports
- SD card reader
- VGA out
- headphone/microphone jack

damn rights. all of that for the same price as i purchased my 701 model in the summer time. i knew i should of waited! will post some screenshots of the unit when it comes in, should be good!

Monday, January 5, 2009


as of tommorw, 3 years with my current employer. I'd honestly never thought I would of been there for so long, but I'll get a nice bonus (hopefully).

im going to be upgrading to a different netbook. For some reason, I never use my laptop anymore, but it's there for whenever I really need it. These days, I would rather have something small and good to go on the run, while at the same time having lots of storage (my current eee pc 701 has 20gb storage). Next one is the eee pc 900ha...

appreciate the winter while it's here too!