Monday, July 12, 2010

new items worth mentioning

picked up some new tama iron cobra double bass pedals, so much better and worth every penny. i can go so fast with these pedals. today i felt confident enough to attempt playing "worlds beyond the veil" by mithras. i only lasted like 1:30-2 minutes haha, but it sounded pretty good still.

also picked up another Eee PC 4G. i packed my 900HA away for future use.

gen got a new LG x120 netbook too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

aquired some drums

so a few weeks ago, i ended up purchasing a used drum kit from someone who posted an ad on kijiji. its about time i got on this! the only thing that really sucks (but no big deal since i will be upgrading in the future anyways) is the double kick; it does the trick but for speed it really sucks compared to the axis. thats a given though. i already had a ride and a splash that i bought from turner and i needed to get another cymbal stand. ill have to get one more for the splash and im set for a while.

i can already tell that i have improved a lot since the last time i played on turners kit. i usually try to practise at least an hour a day, sometimes longer.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


google decided to stop support ftp upload with their blogger services and have instead opted for the custom domain feature. was a bit of a transition but fairly easy. old stuff like images that were uploaded to my server will still be there, so there shouldn't be any dead links unless i deliberately kill them.