Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My wife and I

26 Awesome Pictures of Alaska

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some pics of my friends

this is the new drum configuration i have been using since we pulled out of the jam space.

missing from the regular setup is the 16' china and the 12' tom. i tried to accommodate the china on the previous weekend but it just wasnt working in my favor in terms of placement. i dont need it anyway and will probably revert to the "solecism" configuration once we start jamming again.

using google play music outside of the US

when i picked this nexus 7 up, i was kinda pissed that people outside of the US couldnt use their music service. its kind of neat; google lets you upload 20,000 songs to their servers so you can stream your library wherever you have a WiFi connection. even though i had some music saved locally on the device, i still wanted to take advantage of this.

scouring the xda-developer forums, i have found a solution that has worked for many, so i'll post it here since its something interesting to write about:

1. download tunnelbear
2. make an account then turn tunnelbear on
3. visit and sign in
4. no errors about where you reside should pop up
5. hit upload music and download the google music manager
6. follow the steps and start uploading music

with this working now, when using the "my library" widget, it shows your album artwork for your uploaded music. its stupid that it wont display for locally-saved content though. enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my nexus 7

just a couple of screenshots from my nexus 7 home screens

using the stock rom rooted, no custom roms or kernels yet.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

my statement on the nexus 7

It has been less under a week that I have had the nexus 7 tablet by Google, and I have no regrets in purchasing it. It fits my needs very well. I enjoy the 7' form factor of the device as it makes the tablet more portable for me (vs having to bring my iPad in a bag). Not having the iPad anymore hasn't affected me, as there are apps for android that do the same thing as their iOS counterparts. The fact that android has tight Google integration is also a huge plus for me. Even the fact that I don't have to use iTunes anymore is a nice benefit.

I am typing all of this on my nexus right now. On iOS, I had to pay for an app to make updates on here, but not anymore. And that's another thing. With iOS, I had to wait for a jailbreak (and that could be months) to install cool tweaks and emulators. With android, you don't need to do that at all. Android is known for its openness and customizability and that's why I switched over. The fact that the nexus 7 was $259 for the 16gb model was also a no brainer.

So its official now; I don't own any apple products anymore, and its gonna be that way for a long time to come. I either sold what I had, or passed it over to the wife who still has an iPad.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

well well well well

it's been a year since i have updated this. so hello to anyone who has read this.

i have moved out of the jam space since we have decided to take a break as a band. solecism played 2 shows this year. the result of non-stop practice. we want to start recording in the future and spend less time playing shows. the band was initially supposed to be a jam and recording project anyway.

i have since set up my drum kit at home upstairs and play them on the weekend. i don't have them all set up though due to the space i have. i could set the rest up i suppose but i don't require it. the setup i have going now is different and i like it. i could almost get used to it for playing with solecism. i haven't been jamming too much metal since the break started. i have been just screwing around trying different things on the drums that i normally don't do. definitively fun and challenging for sure.

the other day, i decided to finally sell my ipad 2. it was a long time coming. i enjoyed the device, not to it's full potential however. when i first purchased it, i was more into it. i was always looking around for cool things to do with it. such examples are editing photos, playing an intense game, or remoting into my server. i sold it because i have also decided i no longer want a device that has a 10' screen and instead, opt for something more portable. i want this device:

the google nexus 7 made by asus. it has a 7' screen and it's small. i have to admit, it doesn't have nearly as many tablet-oriented apps compared to the ipad 2 and the app store, but i am fine with that. for the apps that i need, for editing the odd photo, enjoying a game, or checking my server, they all exist for android. i wanted to try another operating system too. so, i ordered the nexus 7 today and it should be here sometime this week.

other than the above, life has been okay. just getting by with it and everything else. the wife and daughter are doing great and we're a pretty happy family. it's been 1 month and 9 days today that i have quit smoking too. i have been running a lot at night and sometimes in the mornings on the weekends. i am glad i got back into it. i can feel the difference in my lung capacity and stamina. i ended up buying a sony walkman for the running sessions, instead of an ipod. im done with apple stuff i think for now. the ipod touch's' sound quality is crap compared to the sony walkman.

anyway, im out. have a good one.