Friday, January 15, 2016

Crescent Lake Showshoe Trips - January 8 and 15 2016

here's 2 albums of when i went out and explored this area beyond the mountain. the first time i ended up turning around after putting my foot through the ice. when i went today (the 15th) i managed to make it a little farther from where i stopped previously, but the next area of frozen swamp/marsh was too much for me, as the snow was up to my knees, and i didnt quite trust the area as i would be risking another ice breakthrough.

i did end up putting my foot through the ice again, but i recovered quickly. again, same swamp/marsh area. crossing the lake was easy both times i went. the first time, i was walking in the middle of it, then on the perimeter. today i just went along the perimeter and took a only a few photos.

i met a couple on the way up who explained more of the other trails that can be found here. the man i spoke with said that you could risk doing an overnighter as he doesnt think anything would happen. of course i would take my garbage back with me. thats a given.

definitely going to be coming back here in the summer to explore more.

January 8 2016 Snowshoe - Crescent Lake
January 15 2016 Snowshoe - Crescent Lake

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sleeping Giant 2015 Backpacking

i never update this so here's some photo albums of some adventures I took in the summer. i uploaded all of my photos to OneDrive. i try to go at least once to hike and camp out. we ran into a black bear in September, so we found another place to camp out towards the way we came in.