Thursday, January 10, 2019

maybe I have bladder cancer or something

in august I went to deer lake for work. had to take a piss. bowl turned red both times.

was fine after, no issues. until a  few weeks later i didn't feel right down there. have seen a doc a couple times as he thought it was a bladder infextion as these new symptoms match that.

tried the meds he gave me, felt good after the third time. 

kinda feels like it's coming back so i went for an ultrasound, they say i might have passed a kidney stone. started getting pains on my right side. doc refers me to vasectomey guy.

today, vasectomey guy wants me to do more urine work/tests, a full CT scan, and a scope. fortunately for me i took a video of myself when it happened in august. is concerned why i pissed blood and felt no pain. says that part is worrying him and wants to make sure that nothing was missed.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


puzzles. never really cared for them until recently when trying to find things to alleviate boredom. started with zelda themed puzzles because i like the maps. i found a couple more map-like puzzles and plan on completing them at night time. i also plan on gluing them to hang up on walls.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

a movie detailing Terry A Davis

i heard about this guy a few months the ago and didn't really follow much. brushed him off as a lunatic computer programmer who was too into religion. this video appeared on YouTube in the Trending section. it is a small documentary detailing who he was, what he did, and the eventual downfall of his life. he was the sole programmer of TempleOS (his own computer operating system) and appeared to have been working on it for quite some time. he was really smart. the video can be viewed as a message to everyone how the internet can affect someone with a mental illness. i think that if he received the help he needed earlier, he could have been a huge asset to the programming and software industry.